Midsummer Madness

Last year I painted a picture for a Rogues Artists’ show called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (see previous post). It sold. The Rogues wanted to take the show to a new venue, so Carol Christ (head Rogue) asked me to paint another version (she liked Puck!) I obliged. Two weeks ago I stopped at the Milwaukee Ballet headquarters to pick up my music for our upcoming show, which is…wait for it…”A Midsummer Night’s Dream”! As soon as I got in the house I set my music down and opened up my email. What do my wondering eyes see but an email telling me that this second “Midsummer” painting had sold! Shakespeare is haunting me! “Enough” I thought. Well, Will was not done with me yet as it turned out. Last week I had a tattoo done on my arm (maybe a story for another post). The artist, Jon Bartels and I chatted. I brought up that I play in the Ballet Orchestra and he told me he had painted a mural they used in their “calendar”. Our first rehearsal of Mendelsohn’s great music was today, and at our break I thought I’d look for the “calendar”. I found this season’s brochure and there it was: Jon had done the mural for the brochure that was for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”! Well, I think old Will has played with me enough, but if any new Shakespearean surprises pop up I’ll let you know!