So, I’ve posted about my art and some writing, but I’ve been silent about my musical life. So here goes:

For those of you who don’t know (all 2 of you who will read this) I am a professional cellist. I have been, for over half of my life. Right now I am in wedding season. So far this summer I’ve only done about four. That’s not many. It used to be about one a weekend. Orchestra season is coming soon-then I will turn into a musician again. Sometimes I feel like this part of my life is not important anymore. Especially when playing Pachelbel’s Canon. I know, well I hope, that when I get back into playing for the Ballet or Festival City Symphony I’ll feel differently though. It’s a strange feeling. When I was a kid I dreamed of playing in a real orchestra someday. Check. For like 35 years. Yet I also dreamed of being an artist. A real one. Check. A smaller check no doubt, but at least a check. I’m not feeling profound right now, so I won’t write about what these two aspects of my life mean to me. I’ll save that for later. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with “The Wonderwheel” (painted at the Wisconsin State Fair)